Four friends who have just staged their own Olympic Games could just put a smile back on the faces of British sports fans depressed by the World Cup.

On the eve of the Commonwealth Games, the men staged the event in and around Leatherhead and have published the amusing results as a video, Our Olympics, on Youtube.

Leading entrepreneur Dave Erasmus, from Leatherhead, the CEO of his own charity donation platform Givey You, organised the event with three friends.

Competing across 10 sports, Mr Erasmus said the men had the chance to indulge in sports, such as the long jump, which they had not attempted in years and wants to encourage other groups to hold their own Games.

The 28-year-old said: "It was just a fun idea among friends.  There’s always been a great rivalry between us in sports.

"One of my friends is a sports teacher at a local school and we had a game of tennis, and then it escalated into a 10-sports event.

"A lot of my friends were saying they would pay good money to have an adults’ sports day.  A lot of people like watching the Olympics but it’s nice to give it a go yourself too.

"We made the video because we thought other people could do the same."

With the Commonwealth Games starting in Glasgow this week, Mr Erasmus said he and his friends have no plans to hold their championship again any time soon.

"Well, the Olympics is every four years," he added.

Mr Erasmus is a regular TEDx speaker through which he shares his experiences on giving, innovation and big data and has also written for the Huffington Post.

He met the Queen and Prince Philip last month at Buckingham Palace at a reception for the UK technology industry