Police officers, tennis players, formula one drivers, teachers and nurses are often many children's career aspirations.

Pupil's at St Andrew's Primary School, Cobham, were able to live out their dreams last week as they came to school dressed in a uniform they hope to wear full time in the future.

The dressing up day, on Friday, July 11, raised more than £300 for charity as part of the Oneday campaign, which highlighted that children with duchenne muscular dystrophy will not live to fulfil their career ambitions.

Money raised was donated to Harrison's Fund, a charity named after seven-year-old St Andrew's pupil Harrison Smith, who was diagnosed with duchenne.

Andrew Tulloch, headteacher of St Andrew's School, said: "The pupils were given time and space to think through what they would like to be one day, and the difference they'd like to make in the world and this was reflected in their choice of clothing."

Staff also got into the spirit and dressed up and pupils took part in a written task based on the theme of what they would like to be in the future.

For more information on Harrisons Fund, visit harrisonsfund.com