An MP has warned that the creation of the right defences to prevent terrible floods near the River Mole will not "happen overnight".

In January, following severe flooding in Leatherhead and Fetcham, Mole Valley MP Sir Paul Beresford pledged to work with the Surrey County Council (SCC) and the Environment Agency (EA) in response to the "unique disaster".

Sir Paul told the Epsom Guardian last week: "Leatherhead has recovered and I would be very surprised if we get any flooding like that again, but it is possible.

"What we have got to do is make sure the defences put in place are the right defences and are put in place as quickly as possible."

Sir Paul said EA representatives had told him that they are building up computer and scientific models to decide on the best flood defences.

He said: "It is not going to happen overnight, but we want to do it properly."

He added: "The council and environment agency are doing the review and that's what they are basing their plans on. There’s an awful lot of work going on, but I am not a river expert.

"When they have got their plans together they will have my weight behind them to make the Government follow through."