Drainage works are taking place to guard against a return of flooding to Ewell Village.

One of the most persistent floods in the county inundated the pavement and part of the road outside Bourne Hall Park for more than two and a half months this year.

The long-standing flood water, fed by springs, first covered the war memorial and bus stop at the end of the high street in January.

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A Surrey County Council spokeswoman said drainage work is currently under way at the site and a "small" part of the road is closed.

She said: "We cannot say it will prevent it flooding ever again because with the sort of flooding that we had at the beginning of the year any drainage system is going to have problems.

"It’s going to be less likely to be a problem."

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The flooding in February

She said workers are installing a new "drainage line" and cleaning out a blocked culvert.

She said: "As soon as the gullies are in place, and the culvert is fully functional, we will be able to divert the flood water from outside Bourne Hall to the Hogsmill River."

Brian Angus, chairman of Ewell Village Residents’ Association, said: "I am hoping that the works they are doing will prevent future problems.

"They have shown every sign they are working quite hard on it."

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