More than 2,000 residents have signed a petition to save the greenbelt from the threat of development.

Conservative campaigners are fighting to safeguard the greenbelt in Epsom and handed their petition to the borough council last month.

Tory campaigner Daniel Race created the petition calling on planning officers in this area and Mole Valley to "reject any loss of greenbelt".

The campaign group said: "In order to save Epsom there can be no exceptions. Any exception could set a precedent and if one is permitted more will follow.

"It's still not too late to sign. We hope that our petition will be used to fight planning applications and appeals."

Richard Betts, who signed the online petition, said the greenbelt protects the countryside around towns for future generations. He said: "The alternative is urban sprawl. There can be no exceptions or it will be lost forever."

Rebecca Hislam said: "Epsom is a historical town whose infrastructure is not able to cope with a larger population. This area should actually be protected land and not defaced."

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