A llama and an engineering student will be flying to Peru to deliver specialised equipment to help with the education of youngsters with disabilities.

Cara O'Sullivan, 20, is working full-time at MERU, a charity based in West Hill, Epsom, which designs and manufactures bespoke disability equipment for children. 

Next month, she and her specially-crafted llama, a fundraising mascot she created for the project, will visit Rainbow House, a educational centre in Peru for disadvantaged and disabled youngsters, set-up by the Kiya Survivors charity.

The charity works with youngsters with disabilities such as speech or visual and hearing problems, autism, Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy and victims of abuse.

Miss O'Sullivan will be delivering equipment - mouth art pencil holders, assessment kit, physiotherapy massagers which she will make at MERU in the next month, to Rainbow House - but needs to raise £500 for their manufacture.

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She said: "The perception of disability in Peru is quite different to this country, it's seen as a curse of God.

"I'm interested in the education of children with disabilities. 

"Most of the children in Rainbow House wouldn't get the opportunity to be educated if it wasn't for Kiya Survivors. 

"The percentage of funding put into the education of disabled children is very small, the culture is very different. 

"So Kiya Survivors helps where the Government is not willing to."

Miss O'Sullivan is working at MERU as part of a placement year for her degree in industrial design and technology at Brunel University.

To donate to Miss O'Sullivan's project visit www.facebook.com/Meru.llama.