Teachers named as ‘inspirational’ by their pupils will soon be the new faces of a campaign to celebrate schools in Waltham Forest.

Images of Martin Stafford and Joel Ince, both from George Mitchell School in Leyton, will be seen on adverts at bus stops and underground stations around the borough.

The duo was chosen by pupils to take part in a photo-shoot as part of the council-run ‘We’re proud of You’ campaign, launched earlier this year.

They were singled out for inspiring, motivating and supporting children at the Farmer Road school.

History teacher Mr Stafford, who was chosen by nine pupils, described the nomination as a 'true honour' and added: "It's overwhelming to think that I have made the smallest impact on this young person’s life.

"History is such a wonderful subject but if you don't engage the young people and make it interesting for them it can get lost.

"It is so important that you make them feel part of the learning experience. When you do that the results can be quite remarkable.”

Mr Ince said: "Being chosen as inspirational teacher was a truly emotional moment for me. I try my best with all my students to ensure they have an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

"It's very important to me that all children have a prospect to make a positive change in their life and I am honoured to be part of that."

Natalia Banas, 13, from Capworth Street, Leyton, nominated Mr Ince.

She said:"I chose Mr Ince because he is such a nice teacher who inspires a lot of students.

“He always helps me with any problems I may have and tries to solve them with me. He is always there for me. I can always talk to him because I know he is on my side.”

Alexandru Ciurca, 12, who lives in Morley Road, Leyton, was one of the pupils who nominated Mr Stafford.

He said: "He makes my lessons fun with his stories. There are lots of activities in his lessons such as role playing or watching interesting videos. He also jokes with us from time to time."

George Mitchell head Saeed Hussain said: "It true testament to the standard of teaching at the school that two of our teachers have been nominated.

"Teachers at George Mitchell work incredibly hard to motivate and challenge students and I am very pleased that students themselves have recognised this and are proud of their teachers.

“I am very proud too.”