Are you a Peacock? A Muscles? How about a Hero? Or possibly, sadly, an Outcast?

Twelve-year-old Harrison Sanostri, from High Barnet, has written The Little Dudes’ Skool Survival Guide to help you identify all the different types of kids there are in school and to help you survive it.

Harrison, a Year Seven pupil at Finchley Catholic High School, started writing the book when he was in Year Five as a series of diary entries and stories about two characters called Ethan and Billy.

“I didn’t even know it was going to become a book,” says Harrison, who lives at home with his mum Deborah, dad Francesco, and brother Christian, 23, and sister Charlotte, 22. “I was just writing things about school and what it was like on my mum’s iPad - about problems that arise in school and how you can deal with them, and also things to do and not to do in school. It’s about how to get by.”

Harrison’s mum discovered what he’d been writing and encouraged him to finish it, and then sent it off to “a few - well, 40 people” before it was accepted by Tiger Publication publishing company.

“It was amazing,” says Harrison, “the published copy was actually given to me on my 12th birthday. I was with my family and the publisher came in with a big box. I opened it and there was another box inside and I opened that one and another one, and there was one book in the middle of it all and it was Little Dudes. I was so happy. We celebrated with a Chinese!”

Aimed at children aged from eight to 13, The Little Dudes’ Skool Survival Guide has sparked a series of author talks undertaken by Harrison in a number of local schools, where he and the book have gone down a storm – but he’s been keeping rather quiet about his success at his own school.

“I was trying to keep it quiet but somebody saw some stuff about it on the internet and more people are starting to find out,” he laughs.

And what do his family make of his success?

“Mum’s gone crazy about it, she’s got posters up in her room but dad’s a bit more cool about it, kind of laid-back – he was, like, ‘Good work, son’ and that was it!”

  • The Little Dudes’ Skool Survival Guide is available now from Waterstones Barnet and Tiger Publication. Details: