A memorial service brought former Reed’s School pupils together at the annual reunion day.

The service, held in the Cobham school’s chapel, marked the bicentenary of the founding of the school and the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I.

More than 250 people made up the congregation as Chris Hawkins, president of the Old Reedonians, unveiled a new memorial board in memory of the 105 former pupils known to have died during the war.

Among the names on the board are Charles Allen, 25, Charles Clarke, 22 and Bertram Tattle, 23, who were all at Reed’s School at the same time and were all killed in action on May 9, 1915.

Speaking at the service, Mr Hawkins said: "War memorials like ours can be found in many schools, public buildings and town squares. However, to us, this memorial is more poignant.

"All these heroes were foundation pupils who attended Reed’s on full bursaries because they had lost one or both parents, mostly their father.

"Many of these men would have had families of their own - thus replicating the very reason they attended Reed’s.

"It is why it’s important that the Reed’s charitable foundation must live on today and for the next 200 years."