Safety measures to prevent passengers falling on the lines have now been installed at Wimbledon station.

Work has been completed at the station as tens of thousands of extra passengers pass through for the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Work began earlier this year on platforms six and seven, which run adjacent to tracks typically carrying fast trains not stopping, to install safety fencing ‘to restrict passenger access to those platforms when trains are passing through the station without stopping.’

A new waiting room was constructed on platforms seven and eight and the Starbucks at the station was re-positioned near to the new waiting room.

The customer information screens were also being repositioned to help prevent crowding at the foot of the stairs, particularly on platform eight.

Concerns were raised after a number of suicides were recorded at the station by coroners.

The most recent were Gerard Naughton, 58, and Leon Blanchard, 21, both tragically killed when they were struck by trains at Wimbledon station late last year.