Two Cobham students will travel to the Philippines this summer to see the world famous Orbis flying eye hospital in action.

Lovisa Terling and Paula Adampoulos from ACS Cobham International School will join a team of ophthalmologists on a DC-10 aircraft which has been converted into a mobile teaching hospital, complete with operating facility and lecture theatre.

The students will be joined by two other international students from ACS Hillingdon and ACS Egham for the charity internship, which is part of a journalism initiative.

While on board, the students will observe live surgery procedures and carry out interviews with staff and patients.

Student Paula Adampoulos said: "I’m especially excited to meet patients before and after the procedures to see the positive impact that Orbis has on people’s lives.

"The work Orbis carries out is important because the people the charity helps would never usually have this opportunity to regain their sight.

"I hope to be fully involved in every aspect as well as experience a new culture."

The students were awarded their places on the trip after a written application and an interview.