A community has offered messages of support to a post office worker after his business was raided yesterday.

Police arrested two men in Park Road, Kingston just before 5pm following reports of a robbery at the post office run by R.K Gupta.

Mr Gupta's daughter, spoke to the Surrey Comet briefly on Friday afternoon.

She said: "My dad is a bit drained but everyone has been so nice.

"I've got the school mums texting me to say 'is your dad alright?' And the phone has been ringing non stop with messages of support."

Nicole Halton, who works at the Park Salon opposite, said: "I heard Mr Gupta shouting and I ran out. We just saw a man in a hoody and another man and they ran.

"Then there was another man with a bike trying to chase them.

"Mr Gupta was really shaken up. He is a lovely man and we know him really well. It was quite an ordeal. We are glad he's okay."

It is believed the two men had tried to distract the post office worker by asking for cigarettes from behind a different counter before raiding a till and blocking his way.

Next door, Wasim Mohammed who was working at Delux Launderette and Dry Cleaners, said: "It was really quick. I just saw people running.

"I didn't hear a thing because I had my earphones in. I couldn't figure out what was going on for a while.

"The police were very quick to respond though."

Plumber Tarig Abdaltam, 46, of Park Road, said: "I'm very shocked. I've never heard of anything like that happening around here. My wife and children saw some people running though.

"I'm glad the man is okay - I will go and see him once the post office is open again."

Outside the post office a sign told customers the shop would be closed until further notice.

Another resident who did not want to be named, said: "Maybe they do it around here because it's quieter. It's terrible.

"It's a family business so it's very frightening and worrying for them."