England’s miserable defeat in the World Cup has not put pub owners off from getting into the spirit of the tournament.

And Barnet's pub owners have back-up plans to continue attracting customers, after England were knocked out of the tournament when Italy failed to beat Costa Rica last Friday.

Jamie Betts, manager of the Queen’s Arms, in Great North Road, New Barnet, said: “The first game was very busy, the second half that, and the last night against Costa Rica was very low-key.

“But after the second game, people were sort of disheartened from coming out for a drink.”

McMullens, which owns the Queen’s Arms, had been planning for the tournament for six months.

With England out, the pub hopes to guarantee customers reserving VIP tables for the night. Money from the tables will go to charity, and Barclays Bank will match the donation pound for pound.

Mr Betts added: “My back up plan is still to try to push the VIP tables. On the final match we have at least 32 customers from the reserved table. It’s thinking ahead in a way you can still get people.

“It’s bringing people in, but obviously not as much if England was still in it. If you’re at home and you have a pint in your hand it’s not as fun.

“At a pub you have other people, it’s a bit more of a buzz. That’s the way we try to push it.”

The landlord is optimistic the remaining cup matches will attract a significant amount of customers.

Brian Davis, manager of the York Arms in Oakleigh Road, was not alone in anticipating England would be knocked out at an early stage.

He said: “Basically, we got what they expected. We prepared probably for six to eight weeks. We had two new TVs installed and bought banners and did sweepstakes.

“It would have increased revenue the further England went. It’s about a 20 per cent increase of revenue between an England match and a normal night.”