Having suffered with damp problems in her home for years, disabled woman Gillian Todd was delighted when her housing provider finally promised her a new home.

But joy turned to disappointment when she moved in to find herself living in an empty house, with everything stripped out - except for the kitchen sink.  

Gillian Todd, 54, was moved out of her home in Essex Close, Walthamstow five weeks ago after what she calls ‘persistent damp’ made it impossible for her to stay.

But despite being promised a whole new bathroom and kitchen in her new home, the fittings were ripped out and never replaced  three weeks ago.

Mrs Todd is registered as disabled and uses a stick to move around.

She said: “I haven’t had a cooker or a washing machine since the day I moved in here. There’s not even a cupboard on the wall.

“I just can’t understand why they have moved me in here. Nobody has told me when it will be fixed. Dinner and the laundrette is costing me a fortune.”

Ascham Homes has been asked for comment. 

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