Cadets learning to fend for themselves thanks to a new Government scheme to launch cadet forces in schools have met the Prime Minister.

Pupils from Glyn School, in The Kingsway, Epsom, met David Cameron at Downing Street during a reception yesterday evening.

The event marked the Prime Minister's announcement of plans for a £1million bursary scheme which will help state schools with the costs of running a Combined Cadet Force, using the money raised by the Government from fining banks involved with fraudulent practices during the Libor scandal.

The Government aims to create 100 new cadet units by 2015. 

While the set-up costs will be covered by its funding, schools will have to fund running and staff costs as part of their curriculum funding.

The scheme aims to give more young people the chance to experience a military ethos - self-discipline, teamwork, punctuality and self-confidence.

Mr Cameron said: "Being a cadet is a fantastic opportunity that gives young people the skills you need to get on in life.

"I want many more people to gain this type of experience no matter what their background, and that is exactly what this new funding will help deliver."

Glyn School and the City of London Freemen’s, in Ashtead Park, has a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) of 50 cadets.

James Miller, 13, a cadet at Glyn, said: "In CCF we have learnt skills that are useful for everyday life which include navigation and first aid. 

"Other skills, which are probably not that useful for living in Epsom, include camouflage and concealment and skill at arms.

"There is always something new round the corner."