Walkers have voiced their concerns over plans to improve cycle access in Dollis Valley Greenwalk.

Mary O’Connor, a user of the path, spoke out about Barnet Borough Council’s plans to allow cyclists to share footpaths at last night’s Finchley and Golders Green Residents’ Forum.

The council wants to use money allocated by Transport for London Cycle to redevelop the Greenwalk’s footpaths so they can be used by both walkers as well as cyclists.

Ms O’Connor said: “I’m very anxious about this. A lot of people who use the walk ways are elderly and little children also walk there – what does the council think it is doing?

“The Greenwalk should be geared towards walkers - why? Because they need somewhere. They’ve got nowhere else to walk unless they walk on concrete, asphalt or grass which is no good in the winter.”

Ms O’Connor also raised concerns about the safety aspects of the plans, highlighting that there are a number of blind spots throughout the Greenwalk as well as narrow bridges.

An officer explained many cyclists already use the paths, and that there will be signs telling cyclists to dismount before they cross narrow bridges – but residents argued this is not a realistic solution.

Issues were also raised about the lack of consultation, with Councillor Kath McGuirk confirming councillors and two nearby residents' associations were not asked about the plans.

Cllr McGuirk said: “I think there are issues with the plans. A decision this big should have come to the committee.”