Carshalton artist The Escape has been making music for six years and already has two EP’s under his belt.

His first release- ‘The Diaries’ came out back in 2012 and is made up of seven deeply personal tracks.

With each song representing a different day of the week, the mix-tape was designed to be a window into the artist’s world.

The Escape- Pupil Prophecy

Earlier this year he launched his second EP- Long Live the King, at a special gig at Scream Studios in Croydon.

This time he went for an edgier feel, blurring genres and veering away from the traditional R&B sound of harmonies and synthesisers.

The 21-year-old has merged R&B and electronic music to manufacture a unique sound, and has dabbled in a number of different instruments along the way.

As well as doing vocals he can also play drums- providing the beat for a lot of his own music.

The Escape's inspirations include Usher, The Weekend, Frank Ocean and Miguel.

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The 21-year-old is keen to make waves in the live music circuit

The Escape- Long Live the King:

He said: "Long Live the King shows I am not the average artist, that I can do different things and try different styles.

"The track called Destruction has a rock feel to it, so I am mixing it up now and standing out more.

"The next step for me is definitely performing.

"I have two great EP’s and my music has always gotten really good reactions.

"I will be getting booked up for gigs all over London so watch this space."

The Escape- Runaway

The Escape- The Rambling

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