Brent Cross shopping centre is currently being evacuated following what is believed to be a bomb scare.

Times Series Chief Reporter Chris Hewett, who was at the shopping centre, has reported that the centre has evacuated public and staff.

The shopping centre announced on Twitter: "Brent Cross has been evacuated and is currently closed. We'll let you know when the centre re-opens."

A member of staff, who wouldn't be named, said the bomb squad is there and the public were evacuated at 9.20am.

She said: "I've been working here a year and never seen this before. I was told they got a call about a bomb threat. It's a bit worrying."

The Times Series has contacted the fire brigade and police, but neither are divulging any further information at this stage.

Delays on the M1 southbound, around Staples Corner and Tilling Rd (next to A406 by Holiday Inn).

The all-clear has now been given and the centre is now re-opening.