The head of a disability organisation is preparing to skydive 10,000ft – despite being petrified of heights.

Mark Pearce will take the leap tomorrow to raise money for Dimensions which supports people with learning disabilities.

Mr Pearce, regional director for Dimensions in Finchley, hopes to raise £400, which will enable the not-for-profit organisation to pay for projects including sports activities, assistive technology and respite care.

He said: “I have always wanted to skydive but never pushed the ambition to the point of signing up. I am not the most confident of fliers, mainly due to travelling to Australia in my 20s and the plane hitting excessive turbulence and being struck by lightning.

“Since joining Dimensions in January I have been impressed by the commitment of staff and the people we support to push boundaries and live life to the fullest possible.

“So the chance to raise money to continually support the work we do and the outcomes we deliver for individuals, whilst pushing my own boundaries, was too good to refuse.”

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