To celebrate the release of their debut album, the Tommy Andrews Quintet embark on a homecoming tour featuring their original compositions.

Along with performing at venues in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire where he grew up, 25-year-old saxophonist Tommy Andrews now calls Walton home and the tour heads to the Riverhouse Barn where tracks from The Crux will be performed.

A collection of seven original works, The Crux blends progressive rock and film music with classical, British jazz and minimalism, which also allows the band members room for improvisation.

All music, written by Andrews, came together after considering how each member of his ensemble could explore and enjoy performing his compositions.

Andrews says: "I wrote this music with the musical personalities of these players in mind. I love to hear them play.

"Their interpretations and influences enhance my pieces and this album is about the music."

Andrews’ approach to making music led the quintet to gain a reputation as one of the most exciting groups on the London jazz scene.

No stranger to the music scene, bassist Dave Manington was a founding member of the Loop Collective and has played with many top jazz musicians in the country.

Meanwhile drummer Dave Hamblett released his own album last year and received much acclaim, paving the way for him to become one of the busiest drummers in the UK.

Demonstrating the wealth of young talent on the music scene, guitarist Nick Costley-White and pianist Rick Simpson also form part of the quintet, having both studied at the Guidhall School of Music.

Tommy Andrews Quintet; Riverhouse Barn, Manor Road, Walton; June 27, 8pm; £15 adult, £6 student; visit