D-Day veterans have been reunited with a rare Second World War aircraft as part of today’s 70th anniversary commemorations, thanks to the Royal Air Force Museum.

The RAF Museum in Colindale has lent the Hawker Typhoon, the sole remaining complete aircraft of its kind, to Canada Aviation and Space Museum (CASM).

The Typhoon was originally allocated to the United States Air Force for evaluation and comparison trials. After the war, it was handed to the US National Air Museum, and eventually placed in storage with the Smithsonian Institute, before being returned to the UK in 1968.

RAF Museum director general Peter Dye said: “The Royal Air Force Museum is privileged to support the Canadian Air & Space Museum in honouring those thousands of Canadian airmen who served alongside the Royal Air Force in two world wars, many of whom lost their lives in the defence of freedom and the shared values that unite our two nations.

“We are also delighted to be able to recognise the invaluable support that Canada has played in helping to train British aircrew over the past century and the close professional partnership and mutual respect between our air forces that continues to this day.

“In loaning Hawker Typhoon MN235 we hope to be able to repay a small part of the immeasurable debt owed to the Royal Canadian Air Force and to honour its veterans for their selfless and enduring achievements.”