The son of the Surrey Comet’s assistant editor seems to have picked the one night when busy Kingston Hospital was not bursting full with expectant mums to say hello to the world.

William Lindsell weighed 8lb 1oz, and his parents were told he was one of the only babies being born in the midwife-led ward that night.

After beginning labour at about 5am on Sunday, June 1, mum-to-be Claire had breakfast and carried on with her plans for the day – including a 5km walk along the Hogsmill river to Old Malden and back, and a trip to friends in Cobham.

But by the time she got to her parents’ house, 12 hours later, she knew it was time to start heading to Galsworthy Road.

With Claire arriving at the hospital at 1am on Monday with heavy contractions, Lindsell junior was born in a labour pool at about 2.30am, with the help of midwife Morwenna Trevan.

His name was chosen a few hours later in the Esher wing, with father David tweeting a picture of his new family to his 2,000 followers and saying: “Our son William Lindsell was born in Kingston Hospital very early this am – 8lb 1oz – he’s a lovely little boy.”

Kingston Hospital, which can see as many as 540 births a month, later tweeted: “Congrats to you both. You must have picked one of our quiet days!”