A total of 40 firefighters were called to tackle a house fire this morning.

Fire engines and police cars are blocking access to Ravenswood Road in Walthamstow after being called at 9am.

The entrance to Addison Road is blocked for traffic opposite Henry Maynard Primary School, with around 25 officers remaining on site.

London Fire Brigade was called at 8.50am to reports of a house fire.

Islington station commander Laurie Kenny confirmed that there were no injuries.

He said: “It was a fire in the upstairs of the building which spread to the roof.

One-hundred percent of the first floor was damaged and 100 percent of the roof.

“We had seven fire engines and an aerial ladder platform on site.

"The fire investigation team is now carrying out an investigation with the police.

“Nobody was injured.”

Former Waltham Forest mayor, Cllr Richard Sweden, arrived at the scene after being told about the incident by a constituent.

He said he found two men, who he believed were in their 30s, were standing "in shock" outside the house.

“One of the occupants had left the house so fast that he was barefoot,” he said.

“I gather it was quite dramatic. The fire brigade had to force entry to the next door property because in some of the properties the lofts are not actually separated and fire can travel along the roof.

“They looked like they were shock, especially the one with the bare feet.”

Councillor Sweden, who represents Wood Street ward, said that the men have lost all of their possessions.

“Everything in the house was damaged, if not by the fire then by the water used by the fire brigade.”

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