For those that know me, they’ll tell you I’ve never been a girly girl or, on the flip side, a tomboy. I’ve also never been that squeamish, but having a son has tested my levels of tolerance.

After enjoying a week of sunshine, we’ve had a week of rain that has been wonderful for the lawn and also inviting for the snail contingency who are residing in the garden.

I’ve mentioned before how my son has no fear when it comes to creepy crawlies and spiders, and this applies to our slimy friends living in a shell.

So our new game is to collect as many snails as we can in our plastic bowl and the bigger the better, which means mummy has to be handling lots at my son’s request.

Yuk! I forgot how slippery and ugly they are and I really don’t like the trail of slime they leave behind. But this doesn’t worry my son at all.

He just loves his new little pets; so much so, he even wanted to bring them indoors when it started pouring down with rain much to Michael’s dismay and horror.

With some trickery, the bowl was left at the back door and he was distracted while they were quickly put back outside.

I love the fact children have no fear or prejudices to man or beast so it’s made me aware of how I speak or react even to the smallest of situations.

I’ve never needed to catch spiders or have them crawl over me before, but I have now.

If you’d have said I’d have the biggest snail ever plod across my hand, my eyes would have popped out.

But at the end of the day, seeing my son happy and wanting to explore is the best feeling and I’ll do anything to be part of it… well to a certain extent!