This is the moment a teenage thug riding a moped snatched a mobile phone from a woman.

The video, taken from a cycle camera, shows Courtney Morgan, 19, robbing the woman outside Lambeth College, Clapham Common South Side, on July 31, 2013.

This Is Local London: These moped robbers stole from women across Wandswroth

Yesterday we reported how a gang of teenagers who rode around on mopeds snatching mobile phones from women have been found guilty of a reign of terror across Wandsworth.

Battersea youngsters Walid Hnida, 18, got three years and four months and Michael Ahmed, 20, was sentenced to four years and eight months.

Courtney Morgan, 19, received two years imprisonment and Deandre Riley-Reid, 16, received a Youth Rehabilitation Order for Conspiracy to steal.

This Is Local London:

Here the robbers target their victim walking by Lambeth College...

This Is Local London:

...they slow down, the sound of the bike obscured by the busy main road...

This Is Local London:

...they steal the phone....

This Is Local London:

...and they're off.

The team of robbers operated across Wandsworth, but also Lambeth, Richmond upon Thames and Hammersmith and Fulham.

One woman was punched in the face and another was dragged along the pavement as she tried to keep hold of her phone which was eventually stolen.

Another woman was pulled onto the hot exhaust of the bike and her leg was so badly burnt she needed hospital treatment.