UKIP received just 112 votes less than the Tories in Epsom in the European elections.

The anti-EU party got 6,334 votes in the borough almost neck and neck with the Conservatives on 6,446.

In a landslide victory across the South East region, UKIP leader Nigel Farage and three other party members were elected to the European Parliament.

Nationwide UKIP almost doubled its tally of MEPs to 24 - a shock result that fulfilled Mr Farage’s prediction of a "political earthquake".

The swing of support towards nationalism and EU opposition was echoed elsewhere in Europe including France where the Front National triumphed.

Three Conservative MEPs, a Lib Dem MEP, a Labour MEP and a Green MEP were elected in the South East region.

In Epsom and Ewell, Labour got 2,785 votes while the Green Party received 1,619 votes, just 41 less than the Lib Dems.

The turnout in the European elections was 35.24 per cent in the borough.

After gains in these elections, UKIP has now set its sights on the national elections in 2015.  

Epsom and Ewell Conservative MP Chris Grayling said: "As people locally know, I am a staunch Eurosceptic who wants an in/out referendum on our future in the EU.

"I'm glad that the Conservatives finished ahead locally in Epsom and Ewell Borough.

"At the last election more than 30,000 people locally voted Conservative and I hope to have their support again next year."

European election results in Epsom and Ewell:

• Conservative Party - 6,446

• UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 6,334

• Labour Party - 2,785

• Liberal Democrats - 1,660

• Green Party - 1,619

• An Independence from Europe - 340

• Christian Peoples Alliance - 162

• British National Party - 111

• English Democrats - 110

• The Peace Party - Non-Violence, Justice, Environment - 94

• The Socialist Party of Great Britain - 33

• YOURvoice - 30

• Liberty Great Britain - 21

• Harmony Party - 17

• The Roman Party. Ave - 16

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