A mother-of-one has hit out at her housing provider after living with a hole in the roof of her home for five months.

Michelle Ryan, 46, first reported the damage to her home in Walthamstow after hearing rain coming into the house on Christmas Eve.

A representative from Circle Housing visited the Priory Court property the same day, but nobody has been back since.

Ms Ryan’s 12-year-old son, who has autism, has been unable to use the garden because of tiles hanging from the roof.

She said: “There’s a hole in the top of the roof and every time it rains it’s coming into the loft.

“My ceiling and wall is all damp. It’s been five months and nobody has come back since Christmas eve.

“The worst thing is my son can’t play in the garden. There are tiles hanging off the roof and they’ve been dropping into the garden.”

Ms Ryan claims that she waited in this week for a contractor, adding: “On Wednesday I got a text saying that there was someone on their way but they never turned up.

“It is ridiculous. I keep phoning them and I just can’t get anywhere. I’ve been told I will have to wait another six weeks now.

“I can’t use my garden or have people round. I’m fed up with it.”

Mike Hallimond, Regional Director of Property Services for Circle Housing Circle 33, apologised for the delay.

He said: “We are set to visit the resident’s home next Tuesday and are committed to resolving the issues as quickly as possible.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and will continue to update her regularly on the repairs.”

Circle Housing owns more than 15,000 homes across London.