The overhaul of Elmbridge Museum was thrust into the spotlight at the Museum Heritage Show in London last week.

The collection review project, which is unique to the museum and the only fundamental review in the country, was hailed as an example of best practice for other museums across the country at the show on Thursday, May 15.

Anna Bright, manager of Elmbridge Museum, said: “We were honoured to have been asked to talk to other museums about the Elmbridge Museum collection review and are pleased it was so well received by the audience. We have also had positive feedback from the community and museum stakeholders.

“The team has been working incredibly hard in the past two years to ensure the collection is relevant to the borough and to preserve this wonderful historical heritage for the future generations to come.”

The collection review has so far seen 4,000 artefacts disposed of following an ethical process and transferred to other museums.

The review has also allowed new artefacts to be uncovered and the museum now has a tight, focused collection of objects which closely relate to the borough.