Voters across the borough go to the polls today to select who they want to be represented by for the next four years.

Councillors will be elected for 20 of the 60 seats available on Elmbridge Council, with another 20 elected next year and the final third in 2016.

Currently, the council is made up of 31 Conservatives, 22 Residents’ Association members, six Liberal Democrats and one ungrouped member.

Six current members of the council, four Residents’ Association and two Conservatives, are not standing for re-election in their respective wards; Hinchley Wood, Molesey South, Oatlands Park, St George’s Hill, Thames Ditton and Walton Central.

All other councillors up for re-election are standing, but residents in the Walton South will not vote for a borough councillor.

Christine Elmer, who has represented Walton South since 2006, was automatically re-elected last month after the seat for the ward was uncontested.

Along with choosing one candidate for the Elmbridge Council election, voters will also select one individual candidate for the south-east region at the European Parliamentary election.

All polling stations in the borough are open between 7am and 10pm today and the results will be announced at the vote count at Sandown Park Racecourse tomorrow.

For a full list of polling stations, visit

Full list of candidates [* represents those currently elected]:

Bernard Collignon (UKIP)
*Mary Marshall (Liberal Democrats)
Mark Sugden (Conservative Party)

Cobham and Downside
*Dorothy Mitchell (Conservative Party)
Michael Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Irene Threlkeld (Labour Party)
Nicholas Wood (UKIP)

Cobham Fairmile
Richard Atkins (UKIP)
David Bellchamber (Liberal Democrats)
Hugh Bryant (Labour Party)
Tim Grey (Conservative Party)
*Maria Odone (Independent)

David Bassett (Esher Residents’ Association)
*Simon Waugh (Conservative Party)

Hersham North 
Crazy Dave (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Peter Field (UKIP)
Irene Hamilton (Labour Party)
*Mary Sheldon (Conservative Party)

Hersham South
Mark Gower (Labour Party)
*Ruth Mitchell (Conservative Party)
Andrew Sturgis (Liberal Democrats)

Hinchley Wood
Sandra Field (UKIP)
Nigel Haig-Brown (Hinchley Wood Residents' Association)
Xingang Wang (Conservative Party)

Long Ditton
Susannah Cunningham (UKIP)
Martin Fox (Conservative Party)
Roger Hughes (Labour Party)
*Shweta Kapadia (Liberal Democrats)

Molesey East
Steve Bax (Conservative Party)
Marc Doran (Labour Party)
Trevor Marshall (UKIP)
Paul Nagle (Liberal Democrats)
*Tony Popham (The Molesey Residents' Association)

Molesey North
Ray Kelly (Labour Party)
Monkey the Drummer (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
*Stuart Selleck (Molesey Residents' Association)
Alastair Sturgis (Liberal Democrats)
Grahame Throm-Jones (Conservative Party)
Paul Wheatley (UKIP)

Molesey South
Ruby Ahmed (Molesey Residents' Association)
Jamal Ajjane (Labour Party)
Christian Mahne (Conservative Party)

Oatlands Park
Lewis Brown (Conservative Party)
Martin Lister (Labour Party)
John Smith (Liberal Democrats)

Oxshott and Stoke D’abernon
Philip Birch (UKIP)
Pamela Day (Liberal Democrats)
Marian Holmes (Labour Party)
*James Vickers (Conservative Party)

St George’s Hill
Simon Foale (Conservative Party)
Kelvin MacKenzie (St George’s Hill Independents)
Thomas Wicks (Labour Party)

Thames Ditton
Tricia Bland (Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents’ Association)
Francis Eldergill (Labour Party)
Hugh Evans (Conservative Party)
Samantha Fry (UKIP)

Walton Ambleside
Peter Hawkes (Labour Party)
David Ions (UKIP)
*Andrew Kelly (Conservative Party) 

Walton Central
Malcolm Howard (Conservative Party)
David Humphries (UKIP)
Alan Palmer (The Walton Society)
Graham Smith (Labour Party)

Walton North
Badger (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Peter Jepson (Labour Party)
*Rachael Lake (Conservative Party)
Anita Wooldridge (UKIP)

Weybridge South
Susan Bohane (Liberal Democrats)
Redvers Cunningham (UKIP)
Elinor Jones (Labour Party)
*Richard Knight (Conservative Party)

No candidates in the Weston Green and Weybridge North wards are up for re-election this year.