With just one day to go before voters head to the polling stations, Liberal Democrat candidates have been canvassing the streets of Barnet.

In High Barnet, the Liberal Democrat local election campaign has focused on issues such as parking, Barnet Borough Council’s controversial One Barnet outsourcing programme and Barnet High Street.

Leading the campaign is former councillor Duncan Macdonald, who became the first non-Conservative ever elected in the ward in a by-election back in 2005.  He was re-elected in 2006 but lost in 2010 when the local and general elections were held on the same day.

Mr Macdonald said: “We are particularly keen to remind voters about our record of action locally, in particular our campaign for 30 minutes' free parking and the return of cash payment in council car parks and parking bays. This campaign is ongoing.”

Mr Macdonald also helped inform residents in the High Barnet controlled parking zone that they could claim a refund when the council was forced by the High Court to back down on increases it had made to the permit charge.

The Liberal Democrats are fielding 63 candidates in the elections, the Conservative Party and Labour also have 63 candidates each, while the Green Party has nominated 49 and UKIP nine. There are also three Independent candidates and a further two who are not affiliated to any party.