The MP for Finchley and Golders Green has been reported to the Standards Commissioner over complaints he used “tax payers money to fund his political campaigning”.

Barnet Borough Councillor Lord Monroe Palmer has reported Mike Freer MP to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards for using his House of Commons stationary to write to residents about "campaign material".

Lord Palmer told the Times Series: “The letter is on Parliament paper in a Parliament House of Commons envelope with a freepost envelope.

“But he has masqueraded a survey as to whether people approve or disapprove of a mansion tax – the letter is in conjunction with an election address."

The Tory election leaflet condemns Labour and Liberal Democrats' opinions on the mansion tax.

Lord Palmer, who is a Liberal Democrat councillor, said: "The two have got to be looked at together.

"It’s like MPs over-claiming their expenses – it’s not illegal but it’s rather immoral. This is political campaigning with taxpayers’ money.”

In the letter, Mr Freer said: “I am very much opposed to the mansion tax as many people are asset rich, but cash poor. What’s more, as house prices rise, many hard-working families will find themselves liable for an enormous tax bill."

Mr Freer defended his actions, and said: “I have been campaigning against the mansion tax proposal for nearly 18 months as the proposal will target family homes in my constituency.

“It is an issue constituents have raised with me. I’m permitted to survey the views of my constituents on policy issues which I have done and I have studiously avoided mentioning political parties. My survey has gone out in various parts of the constituency.

“Lord Palmer should have the conviction of his party’s policies rather than hiding behind manufactured indications and making spurious claims of wrongdoing.”

The Commissioner's office has confirmed it has received a complaint and is considering whether or not to carry out an enquiry.