So I’m back with another instalment of what’s been occurring in my bubble this week.

I can inform you my daughter finally has another tooth, my son can count to 10 and I haven’t had five minutes to go to the gym. I’ve also been asked if I’d like another baby by about 20 people to whom I politely answer, ‘Please ask my husband’.

To be fair, if you’d seen me this week you’d have thought I was nesting.

Michael and I have been sorting out bits in the house including the children’s old stuff.

This has been incredibly difficult as I’ve really grown attached to their things, as looking at them brings back so many wonderful memories.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hoarder; I just have ‘attachment issues’. So to help the situation, I emailed the hospital to see if they could use some of our old toys, gave some clothes to family members and found a wonderful couple who would make use of my son’s pram.

I also decided to sort out our keepsake boxes. I think they are so important and can transport you back to memorable occasions.

I found a cute picture of Michael when he used to present on Children’s ITV that I posted on Twitter – much to his annoyance – and other cool paraphernalia that made me smile from ear to ear.

But it was looking in my little ones’ boxes that made me really sit back and reflect.

In them I’ve put their going home outfits from the hospital and couldn’t believe they used to be that small.

They have cards, favourite first toys and even first shoes.

Things I hope they’ll love to see when they get older. I’m pleased I’ve kept some of their old things, but I’m guessing at some stage I’ll need to invest in bigger boxes.