Barnet people have given their responses to new that the borough is one of ten to take part in a pilot of police wearing cameras to their uniforms.

Nadine Blakemore, 38, of Barnet, said: “It does make me feel safer, but it’s a bit over the top. I saw a patrol the other evening and it did feel nice. Maybe in central London in the evening it is more necessary.”

Twenty-one-year-old Elias Ai, a student from Edmonton, said: “I think it will be better for the community. There’s more transparency.”

But Marcus Bagnell, a 32-year-old BT worker from Barnet, said: “It doesn’t make me feel safer. It’s a bit precarious.”

Sharon Boast, a 57-year-old biologist, said: “I think it’s more to protect them than to protect us. In general, I support the police. Barnet is the safest borough.”

And 87-year-old Walter Walters, a retired Barnet resident, said: “More police on the streets is what we want. You are being photographed everywhere you go, so what’s the big deal?”