A Conservative councillor who admitted pointing an airgun at his neighbour during a row about a cat will be sentenced today.

Nick Buckmaster, of Mount Echo Drive in Chingford, pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence at Snaresbrook Crown Court on April 15.

Armed police swooped on a home in College Gardens in Chingford at 9.15am on January 18 after Brett Stark was threatened by Buckmaster.

The Larkswood ward councillor pointed the pistol at Mr Stark as he stood behind the glass window of his front porch.

Prosecutor Rekha Kodikara told the court how Buckmaster visited the house to confront Mr Stark about his pet cat causing damage to his home, and was "persistent" about the issue.

Buckmaster is then recalled as saying "I know who you are. I know what you do. I know everything about you" before reaching for the gun and pointing at Mr Stark.

The incident then escalated further after Buckmaster had put the gun away and was "tackled" by Mr Stark in the front lawn.

Last month it was announced that the councillor since 2006 had been de-selected by his party ahead of the local elections.

He has been staying in Norfolk after being banned from staying in the E4 area as a condition of his bail.

Millie Balkan, 22, of Chingford, a full-time barrister's clerk in the City of London will stand in his place in the May elections.

Sentencing will take place at Snaresbrook Crown Court this afternoon.