An investigation into why an operation was conducted in full view of visitors and other patients at Epsom Hospital has been completed, four months after the incident took place - but the findings are still not being made public.

In January, the Epsom Guardian exclusively revealed how a horrified Claire Walsh, 38, witnessed an operation taking place in a building opposite the Wells Wing of the hospital as the blinds of the room had been left open.

Miss Walsh, a care assistant from Tattenham Corner, said she, three other visitors and a patient on Buckley Ward all saw surgeons operating on a patient, and that her concerns were dismissed by a nurse on the ward, who said "it happens all the time".

Epsom Hospital admitted the blind had not been closed after the window was cleaned, said it had apologised to the patient affected, and had launched a "thorough and urgent investigation".

It said the investigation would be completed in six weeks and the "full facts" as to what happened could only be revealed after this.

This week, a spokeswoman said the report into the investigation has now been completed, but cannot yet be released as it first needs to be considered by the hospital’s patient safety and quality committee.

After the story was published, the hospital revealed that another member of staff had overheard Miss Walsh’s concerns and the window of the operating theatre was quickly covered with foil and later frosted over.