In a new feature the Guardian's chief photographer Ken Mears picks his favourite pictures of the week.

Here is this week's selection. Click on the links to read the original full stories. 

Picture one: This is a well set-up shot at a sports day to raise money for the charity HemiHelp at Upper Clapton Rugby Club. The picture captures all the excitement the young kids are having with the event and makes for a positive appeal.

Picture two: This is Ruth Baker, winner of the Waltham Abbey cake Bake Off at Waltham Abbey Town Hall on Saturday, in support of Christian Aid. This was a simple shot of the winner but it is the placement of the subject which makes the difference, with Waltham Abbey church behind which gives it an immediate point of reference

Picture three: Members of the school council at Davies Lane Primary School celebrate their Outstanding Ofsted report. This is my favourite picture; a classic jump in the air at the count of three shot with everyone looking wildly happy. This sort of picture we do whenever we can and it is often difficult to get all the children to jump in the air at once, so well done to them and to Mark Soanes, who took the picture.

Picture four: Kathleen Adam in the overgrown garden behind her flat where grass has not been cut even though the service charge went up in April. A very good composition shot from the perfect low angle to accentuate the long grass and emphasise that overgrown feel.

Picture five: Loughton Lotto winners Terry and Linda Vigus celebrate their jackpot prize of £1,171,812. A traditional champagne opening shot looking really lovely and composed considering how much they have won.