Concerned parents are spearheading a campaign to install a zebra crossing on a “hectic” stretch of road used by children.

Hundreds are supporting the idea of better road safety at the junction of Purcells Avenue and Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware.

They claim pupils regularly use the street as a cut-through after school, but are often forced to wait in the centre of the road as traffic whizzes past them.

Hillary Weinstein, of Purcells Avenue, said: “It is always really hectic and chaotic - someone will get knocked down unless something is done.

“I value my children’s lives and if helping keep them safe means waiting a few extra minutes for someone to cross, I’ll gladly do it.

“I’d rather that than see an ambulance cart someone off to hospital because they’ve been hit by a car.”

They say the problem is exacerbated as many drivers who spend rush hour stuck in traffic are left feeling “irate”, so are less likely to let pedestrians cross.

Lisa Paris, who regularly passes through the area when taking her children to school, said: “We don’t want to have to wait for a fatality. It’s a notoriously difficult place to cross.

“I see children making a dash for it and it can be terrifying – safety should be our prime concern. They should be able to cross without worrying about drivers zooming in and out.

“They take their life into their own hands when they cross the road at the moment.”

Traffic hoping to turn right into Edgwarebury Lane from Purcells Avenue often causes gridlock in the street, which they say doubles the risk of danger.

Their petition has already received 300 signatures and is due to be handed in to Barnet Borough Council in the next five weeks.

It is supported by Edgware Liberal Democrat candidate Eli Abeles, who is also calling for a 20mph speed limit in the area.

The grandfather, who lives in Glendale Avenue, said: “People need to respect the fact that children cross here, and we think a new zebra crossing and reducing the speed limit is the only way.

“We want action now. People just get stuck in the middle of the road, nobody stops from them – that’s got to change somehow.”

The crossing has now become a cross-party matter of concern, with Conservative councillor Brian Gordon also supporting the petition.

He said: “There will be a lot of support and sympathy for this idea. It will be a very positive thing. I think there’s scope for this here, I support the principle.”

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