After the wettest spring on record, what better tale to entertain children and adults alike than Noah and the Ark?

Come on board and join Noah and his three sons as their adventure unfolds, supported by puppetry, dance and innovative scenery. 

Noah is a good man who believes in God.  So when God tells him there will be a mighty flood and that Noah must build an ark to save his family, the animals and anyone else who believes, that is exactly what he starts to do - but there is no sign of any rain.  Is a flood really coming?  Will the ark ever be ready and will anyone else believe Noah?#

Epsom-trained musical actress Ruthie Henshall says: "The songs are wonderfully witty and touching at the same time."

Noah - A Musical Adventure; Leatherhead Theatre, Church Street, Leatherhead; May 23; 7pm; adults £12, children £8; call 01372 365141; visit

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