A graffiti vandal has terrorised a neighbourhood in Kingston with turquoise spray-paint causing thousands of pounds of damage, writes Faris Al-Jawad.

The vandal sprayed a distinctive pattern over four vehicles, including a Jaguar, in Villiers Road, according to one resident.

Another resident said a mini-bus was also sprayed.

A Villiers Road resident, who asked not to be named came back from holiday to find his camper van covered with turquoise stars.

He said: “It’s caused thousands of pounds of damage. I spent the whole of my bank holiday with a highly toxic liquid, trying to scrub it off.

“I wouldn’t mind if it was a Banksy sprayed on the side of my van – but it’s actually rubbish graffiti”.

Another five cars parked by Athelstan recreation ground were also damaged.

Kingston police have made no arrests but are appealing to anyone who has any information.

The owner of the camper van said: “I sense it’s someone local to be honest. I think we’ve got the best police in the world, but I think they’ve got better things to do than chase graffiti vandals."

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