Concern is mounting for the survival of a parrot which has been attempting to "fit-in" with other birds in a North Finchley park.

Leo Coats, owner of The Redwood Cafe, first noticed the red, blue and yellow bird nestled among the trees in Swan Lane Open Space three months ago.

Since then, the parrot has become friendly with a group of thrushes – but Mr Coats is worried for its safety.

He said: “It seems to have paired up with these smaller birds and is copying what they’re doing, picking up worms, flying off with them when someone walks by, and they sit in the trees together. It's trying to fit-in with them.

“But it’s unusual to see such an exotic bird in a north London park and I’m worried for its safety. I don’t know whether it will survive beyond the summer.”

Some of Mr Coats’ customers have also been concerned for the bird’s welfare and contacted the RSPCA, but so far nothing has been done.

Mr Coats added: “I just hope that if someone has lost it they will come and collect it.”