A Hersham woman who underwent a hysterectomy died of deep vein thrombosis a week after being discharged from hospital, an inquest heard.

Judy Denton, 66, of Melrose Gardens, was found dead in her home by her son-in-law on December 21, 2012, after her daughter failed to get hold of her while at work.

Mrs Denton was admitted to the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford on December 10, 2012, for surgery to remove her womb after an ovarian cyst was found.

Dr Anil Tailor told the inquest an examination of the cyst after the surgery revealed it was stage one ovarian cancer.

Mrs Denton was discharged from hospital on December 13 and told to wear special socks and administer injections to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

In a statement read to Woking Coroner’s Court, Yvonne Denton, said the day before her death, her mother said she felt out of breath and seemed shaky and only ate a piece of toast before going to bed shortly after 10pm.

On the day of her death, Ms Denton was unable to get hold of her mother by telephone for hours, so her sister’s husband went to the house to see if she was OK.

He discovered Mrs Denton unresponsive in the lounge just about 1.30pm on December 21.

Pathologist Michael Hall, who carried out a post-mortem examination, said Mrs Denton died as a result of pulmonary embolism, leg vein thrombosis and pelvic surgery.

Summing up, coroner Dr Karen Henderson said: “Her treatment from the time of referral and the surgery was correct and proper.

“It was on the Thursday that she developed deep vein thrombosis and though she attributed her shortness of breath to giving up smoking, it is at that, or around that, time she developed deep vein thrombosis.

“I find the care of Mrs Denton was timely, prompt and optimal. Mrs Denton died from a recognised complication of essential surgery.”

Dr Henderson said she also planned to write a prevention of further death report, stating leaflets detailing the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis should be given to patients after surgery.