A crematorium has said that benches believed to be "abandoned" will be removed unless the owners come forward.

Relatives of people commemorated on the seats at Hendon Crematorium in Holders Hill Road have been given two months' notice to claim them.

Barnet Borough Council claims many of the benches breach health and safety regulations as they are broken, have mould growing from them or are in a state of disrepair.

Those in a good condition will be kept in storage until the owner comes forward to collect them.

So far, 90 per cent of benches have been claimed.

Memorials manager David Aspiris said: “We are concerned some people might visit once a year on anniversaries so we’re making a note of that and keeping the benches in good condition safe.

“We can’t say how long they’ll be kept for – I’ve got absolutely no idea – it depends on how much storage we’ve got.

“But those which aren’t maintained are clearly not safe, and if something happens health and safety wise, it will be on our shoulders.”

To claim a bench, call 020 8359 3370.