A kind-hearted youngster has had 10 inches chopped from her locks so her hair can be used to make wigs for sick children.

Caydey Gough, 8, who lives in Tadworth and is a pupil at Epsom Downs Primary, had hair which reached her bottom before getting it cut for the Little Princess Trust charity last week.

The charity provides real-hair wigs to boys and girls who have lost their own hair through treatment for cancer.

She was inspired to undertake the challenge after seeing sick youngsters who had lost their hair on television programmes over Christmas and asking her mother whether they would remain bald.

Xyan Gough, 26, said: "She’s had little trims before but this was her first main haircut. 

"She wanted more off but it was me who said no.

"She is quite grown-up for her age and is very kind-hearted.  When she found out about the charity she wanted to do it. 

"Caydey was really pleased with the results - she’s just waiting to get her certificate for it so she can show her teachers at school."

So far she has raised £125 through sponsorship for the cut, with a new real-hair wig costing the charity £200 to make.