The family of a girl who was orally raped as a 12-year-old are "over the moon" that the community sentence handed to the perpetrator is to be reviewed by the Attorney General.

Adam Hulin, 19, of Hookwood Cottages, in Hurst Lane, Headley, was convicted after admitting to the oral rape and assault by penetration of the girl, who was five years younger than him, in Bookham in December 2012.

He was sentenced to a community order, with 100 hours of community service, a £60 victim surcharge and the requirement to attend six ‘community reintegration’ sessions at Guildford Crown Court last Wednesday.

The decision caused shock, surprise and outrage among the thousands of people who read the Epsom Guardian’s coverage of the story. 

The offences of oral rape and sexual assault of a child under 13 are 'statutory offences'.  This means that they are unlawful regardless of the intention of the defendant or the consent given by a victim - because a child under 13 is not deemed to be able to give any informed consent to such acts.

The office of the Attorney General confirmed yesterday afternoon that the case would be looked at again after a number of people wrote to Dominic Grieve asking for Hulin’s sentence to be reviewed.

Speaking to this newspaper today, the victim’s sister said: "We’re absolutely over the moon the sentence will be looked at again. 

"I'm hoping for a jail sentence to get the justice I don't think has been done.

"My sister has no life.  She's being bullied by girls on the internet. 

"He has victimised her with his statements.  I don't think you can justify what he's done to her. 

"He's played on the fact he has a promising career ahead of him.  It's totally wrong.  It's destroyed our lives."

She said the family are in the process of submitting their own letter to the Attorney General asking for the sentence to be re-examined.