A male model who ploughed his car into the side of a house but was more concerned about his looks than the damage has been fined.

Storm Burger, 21, was travelling at around 80mph in his Audi A3 Quattro when he crashed his car in Higher Drive, Banstead - where the limit is 30mph - on Friday, July 26, last year.

The 3.2 litre sports car hit the front wall of the property and then smashed into a car parked in the drive before embedding itself in and extension on the side of the house.

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The engine lies metres from the car after Storm Burger's crash

The impact caused thousands of pounds-worth of damage to the property and caused the car's engine to be hurled out of its bonnet and land eight metres away.

Burger, of Garendon Gardens in Morden, had to be cut from the vehicle by firefighters but suffered no serious injuries - although as he was taken to hospital he told an officer he was worried about injuries to his face as he was due to fly to Ibiza for a photoshoot with a fashion designer.

No-one was in the extension at the time of the collision.

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Damage to the house following the crash

An accident investigator concluded there were no mechanical defects on the car before the crash and neighbours told officers they heard an engine roaring prior to a loud smash as the car smashed into the house.

Burger was ordered to pay £3,500 in fines or face six weeks in prison after being convicted of dangerous driving, using a vehicle without insurance and driving not in accordance with a driving licence at Croydon Crown Court on April 16.

Burger told the court he regretted what happened and expressed his apologies.

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