Police in the United States have searched the home of a man believed to have stabbed two people in Epsom over the Easter weekend.

Following the stabbing of a brother and sister in a house in Hook Road at 4.30am on Good Friday, Surrey Police asked their US colleagues to search the home of Shane M. Coffey, 19 in Weymouth near Boston.

Although Surrey police have refused to confirm or deny this, it is believed Mr Coffey is the man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the attack and who is still being held in a secure hospital under the Mental Health Act.

The man sustained head injuries during the incident according to police.

The air ambulance team at the scene reported that the female victim, who is 18, had injuries to her upper arm and thorax, while a man, believed to be her brother, 22, suffered wounds to his head, lower leg and hand.

According to information filed by US police in Quincy District Court, Mr Coffey is believed to have met the woman on an online gaming site.

US newspapers are reporting that he bought a plane ticket from Boston to London and booked a room at a hotel in Epsom, where he checked in on April 17.

His house was searched by police the day after the attack and they recovered an Xbox games console, games, computer equipment and other items.

The Patriot Ledger, in Weymouth reported that police Captain Richard Fuller said the investigation is being handled by Surrey police and that the seized items will be turned over to them.

He said:  "All we’re doing is assisting them in securing evidence."

Reporters in the US, where the story has caused a sensation, were unable to contact relatives of the man and neighbours claimed not to know him.