News Shopper readers have reacted after a series of offensive tweets and social media comments followed the death of a woman hit by a train in Petts Wood yesterday.

The woman was killed just before 11am after she was hit by the train at Petts Wood station.

This caused train cancellations and substantial delays to services running between Bromley South, Hither Green and Sevenoaks.

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One Twitter user, Sam Chadney, responded by saying: "Big thanks to the a***hole jumping in front of a train in Petts Wood."

This was flagged up by reader Marty1979, who commented on News Shopper's report of the incident: "Some nice person has put on Twitter: Big thanks to the a***hole jumping in front of a train at Petts Wood."

Meanwhile another Twitter user, Marc Curant, said: "Don't think it's the suicide victim who's the a***hole here."

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On News Shopper's Facebook page, Scott Roberts wrote: "My train was cancelled because of that inconsiderate t***."

Donna Marie Randall-Webb was quick to respond: "I was on the train she jumped in front off I could call you an inconsiderate t***. A lot of shaken people, and the poor lady."

A number of other offensive tweets were also seen yesterday afternoon, with Haley Rumney saying: "Inconsiderate person jumping in front of a train in Petts Wood."

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And Jake Heracleous tweeted: "No trains from Petts Wood as bloke decides to play chicken with train. Train 1-0 bloke."

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Meanwhile Andrew Jordan said: "That's got to be the second lemming in six months."

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And Max Fitzgerald added: "Some bird's thrown herself under a train at Petts Wood station, don't get me wrong it's sad but f*** me it's selfish!"

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UPDATE: Sam Chadney spoke to News Shopper this morning to apologise for his tweet. Full story here.