Thieves have destroyed a front garden display which took a family five days to create.

Statues of meerkats, bears, and a donkey are amongst the items which were taken from the Easter themed set-up in Howard Road, Walthamstow.

For the last two years, Sue Haggerty and her relatives have been knitting displays for her elderly mother’s garden for special occasions.

Hundreds of people from Waltham Forest turn up to the house to photograph the displays and spend hours enjoying the family’s efforts each time a new display goes up.

In 2012 an Olympic themed display proved popular with families all over the borough.

However, this weekend, thieves ruined their efforts when they stole half of the statues which all had individually knitted Easter bonnets.

Samantha Chaplin, 21, says that her family has been extremely disheartened by the theft from her grandmother’s home.

She said: “Half of the display was taken between Sunday and Monday.

“We have had to remove it now in case they come back for the other half.

“We do this for the community so it is really disappointing, We have done it for over two years and this has never happened before.”

The exact time of the theft is not known so the family is appealing for anyone who took a photo on Sunday or Monday to come forward.

Miss Chaplin said: “There are always people outside taking photos so if anyone can send them to us then we can narrow down the time.

“We know that it was between Sunday and 5pm on Monday.

“People have been really great and have come round with statues for us to replace the stolen ones.”

Determined not to be beaten by the thieves the family have put out a St George’s Day display today.

Photos of the display are on Facebook on the Howard Road House page at!/pages/HowardRoadHouse/1420033994877471.