Not only when the sun decides to put his hat on does it affect the general mood and clothing attire of the nation, but it also means there is more scope for activities when you have children. Now I’m not just talking about trips to the beach or even the zoo, but simply hanging out in the garden.

My boy exclaimed “Wow” when he stepped out into the back yard this week as if he’d landed on the moon.

This area is one he has watched from his bedroom window for months, and finally had the chance to explore.

For two solid hours the world was his oyster. He was talking to the ants as they scurried around like lunatics. He put the world to rights with a snail who was trying to settle quietly in his shell.

He waved and said hello to the bees that were buzzing around and even tried to catch birds as they flew over us. It seems as though Michael and I have our very own Dr Dolittle. As well as that he started helping me weed the flower pots which I appreciated greatly.

Now I believe it’s important that my son learns to help out around the house and he totally loves it. It makes him feel included and grown up. Whether it is hoovering the living room, putting clothes in the washing machine or having father and son time baking with Daddy, he’s starting to be an independent little person who can’t stop talking.

So, in order to keep the Underwood ship sailing we all have to chip in, which includes my husband Michael who plays his part too even if I have to nag a bit.

And rest assured he looks great in a pinny and pair of marigolds.