Kingston Council’s infamous CCTV enforcement cars are a source of annoyance for many residents.

But did one Facebook user go too far in mocking up this video (right) of one of the cars being blown up by a heat-seeking missile?

A report into the council’s use of CCTV cars was released this week by pressure group Big Brother Watch calling for a ban, barring exceptional circumstances.

Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis said: “It is clear CCTV is being used to raise money in industrial volumes for town halls, breaking the constitutional principle that fines should not be used as a source of revenue.”

Kingston’s first ticket issued by a CCTV car came in September 2007. Since then more than 48,000 have been issued, totalling £2.7m in parking fines.

A council spokesman said: “The use of CCTV cars in the borough is focused on ensuring safe parking around schools and reducing congestion on primary routes.

“Our CCTV cars do not prowl residential roads looking for ‘easy targets’."